Adult Education Resources


Adult Education: Supporting the President’s Workforce and American Graduation Initiatives

National Council of State Directors of Adult Education

Adult ESL and the Community College

Council for the Advancement of Adult Literacy

Adult Learning in Focus: National State-by-State Data

Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL)

Bridge Programs in Illinois: Summaries, Outcomes, and Cross-site Findings

Office of Community College Research and Leadership, University of Illinois

Bridging the Gap: Meeting the Challenge of Universal Access Through Faith-Based and Community Partnerships

U.S. Department of Labor, Center for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives
Bridging the Gap: Meeting the Challenge of Universal Access Through Faith-Based and Community Partnerships

Building a Higher Skilled Workforce: Results and Implications from the BridgeConnect National Survey

Workforce Strategy Center

A Cross-Case Analysis of Career Pathway Programs

National Research Center for Career and Technical Education
University of Minnesota

Moving Beyond the GED: Low-Skilled Adult Transition to Occupational Pathways at Community Colleges Leading to Family-Supporting Careers

National Research Center for Career and Technical Education
University of Minnesota

Noncredit Enrollment in Workforce Education: State Policies and Community College Practices

American Association of Community Colleges and Community College Research Center

Ohio Stackable Certificates: Models for Success

Community Research Partners (Ohio)

Passing the Torch: Strategies for Innovation in Community College ESL

Council for the Advancement of Adult Literacy

Reach Higher, America: Overcoming Crisis in the U.S. Workforce

Report of the National Commission on Adult Literacy

Strengthening Mathematics Skills at the Postsecondary Level: Literature Review and Analysis

CNA Corp., Center for Occupational Research and Development, and American Institutes for Research

A Tale of Two Systems: Linking Economic Development and Workforce Development

Seedco Policy Center

Thriving in Challenging Times: Connecting Education to Economic Development Through Career Pathways

National Career Pathways Network/U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Institute for a Competitive Workforce

Tough Choice or Tough Times

Executive Summary
National Center on Education and the Economy; The New Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce

Guides, Toolkits, and Online Repositories

ABE Career Connections: A Manual for Integrating Adult Basic Education into Career Pathways

U.S. DoEd (OVAE)

Adult Career Pathways Support Center

Online resource center for Designing Instruction for Career Pathways, a U.S. Department of Education – Office of Vocational and Adult Education-sponsored technical assistance project.

Adult Education for Work: Transforming Adult Education to Build a Skilled Workforce

National Center on Education and the Economy, Workforce Development Strategies Group, October 2009

Bridges to Careers for Low-Skilled Adults – A Program Development Guide

Women Employed, Chicago Jobs Council and UIC Great Cities Institute

Career Pathways Technical Assistance Initiative

Community of practice and related resources from the U.S. Department of Labor – Employment and Training Administration’s Career Pathways Technical Assistance Initiative.

Funding Career Pathways and Career Pathway Bridges

CLASP Center on Postsecondary and Economic Success

Helping Adult Learners Succeed: Tools for Two-Year Colleges

The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning

How to Build Bridge Programs that Fit into a Career Pathway

Instituto del Progreso Latino (Chicago, IL)

Instructional Resources

A Virtual Library of ESL Lesson Plans

Over 400 lesson plans developed for classroom use by ESL educators in the North Carolina Community College System.

Prescription for ESL Student Success

A series of course modules developed by Lone Star College - CyFair that can be used as supplemental instruction or embedded modules in health occupation introductory courses. The modules are designed to assist ESOL students in improving their communication skills with patients as well as address the cultural differences they face in the medical workplace. The modules will provide students with visual, aural and conceptual information about critical words, idiomatic expressions and cultural issues utilized in a health care setting.

Retention Resources for At-Risk Students

Resource links from NC-ACCESS, the North Carolina Community College System's professional development network for student development staff and administrators.

National Associations That Support Adult Literacy and ESL Education

(Adapted from the website of the National Assessment of Adult Literacy,

America's Literacy Directory (ALD) (—

a national directory of literacy service providers

Center for Adult English Language Acquisition (—

assists states and communities with high populations of ESL learners

Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL) (—

activities include research, teacher education, analysis and dissemination of information, design and development of instructional materials, technical assistance, conference planning, program evaluation, and policy analysis

Correctional Education Association (CEA) (—

a nonprofit professional association that assists educators and administrators in providing services to students in correctional settings

Equipped for the Future (EFF) (—

a national educational improvement initiative for adult basic education and English language learning

Gateway to Educational Materials (

provides information on federal, state, university, nonprofit, and commercial internet sites sponsored by the Department of Education; includes resources on adult education and ESL


Literacy Information and Communication System, commonly referred to as LINCS. A national dissemination, resource gathering, and professional development system providing information on a wide variety of literacy relevant topics, issues, and resources.

Literacy & Learning Disabilities (—

a clearinghouse for information on issues pertaining to education for people with learning disabilities

National Adult Education Professional Development Association (NAEPDC) (—

provides professional development, policy analysis, and information pertaining to adult education

National Career Pathways Network (NCPN) (—

membership organization for education and workforce development professionals; annual convention (October 2010) includes program strand dedicated to Adult Career Pathways

National Center for Family Literacy (NCFL) (—

services include professional development for practitioners who work in children's education, adult education, ESL, and related literacy fields

National Center for the Study of Adult Learning & Literacy (NCSALL) (—

a federally funded research and development center focused solely on adult learning, including English language skills

National College Transitions Network (NCTN)

supports adult education staff, programs, states, and local agencies in establishing and strengthening college transition services

ProLiteracy Worldwide (—

an international nonprofit literacy organization that sponsors educational programs for career-limited adults